Our clients

METAFRASIS TRANSLATION OFFICE covers primarily all the geographic area of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and Central Macedonia but offers its services, on regular basis, to clients all over Greece. Moreover, a significant part of our clients comes from foreign countries and especially from Balkan and Western-european countries. Our clientele comprises a very wide range of clients, with various needs and characteristics. Starting from the simple, everyday, retail translation projects, our office covers a wide range of needs such as wholesale corporate customers, public and municipal organizations, publishers, associations, tourist enterprises, educational institutions, law offices, medical establishments etc. Our strict confidence policies concerning our clients’ data, do not allow us to publish specific names or brand names. Still, we will gladly accept and publish our clients’ undersigned comments, positive or negative, as far as they respect the basic principles of decency.

Our basic aim is to cover the whole range of our clientele, adapting our services and pricing to their personal or corporate needs and budget.