About us

METAFRASIS TRANSLATION OFFICE was established in 2005 and operates continuously thereafter. It is located in the city of Kavala, Greece, while from 2011 onwards a local branch was founded at Thassos Island. It covers primarily all the geographic area of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and Central Macedonia but offers its services, on regular basis, to clients all over Greece. Moreover, a significant part of our clients comes from foreign countries and especially from Balkan and Western-european countries.

METAFRASIS TRANSLATION OFFICE features a large number of specialized translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors for every language pair and specialization. At present, we are able to cover all european language pairs plus all the major world languages. We are also able to offer rare language pairs if our clients submit such a request and allow us a reasonable deadline.

Our primary aim is to offer quality language services in short and often pressing deadlines, resulting to the full satisfaction of our retail and wholesale clients. At the same time, we make every possible effort to offer a friendly and reasonable pricing for our services, as to cover the needs of the whole range of our clientele during a financially tough period. The combination of high-quality services with a friendly and reasonable pricing corresponds to what is internationally described as “value for money” – real value for our clients’ money.

We are inviting and welcoming our guests and future clients to navigate through our website as to be informed in detail regarding our services, our pricing policies, our clientele etc. Moreover, our guests are able to share numerous interesting articles and literature references, relevant to the art and science of Translation and Interpreting specifically and to Multilingualism in general, which are going to be regularly published in our website.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone, by e-mail or to visit personally our offices for a direct briefing from our personnel.