Our services

METAFRASIS TRANSLATION OFFICE features a large number of specialized translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors for every language pair and specialization. At present, we are able to cover all european language pairs plus all the major world languages. We are also able to offer rare language pairs if our clients submit such a request and allow us a reasonable deadline.

Our Translation Office regularly offers the following services:

  • Official and legally notarized translations of every possible kind, valid for every legal use – Notarization of public and private documents

  • Text translation of all kinds and specializations, in all european and major world language pairs

  • Live interpreting, consecutive and concurrent. We are covering scientific conferences and congresses, Press conferences, professional meetings and business travels, guided tours, tourist enterprises, reception and escort of guests, various social events etc.

  • Translation and localization of websites and software

  • Text editing and proofreading in every possible language pair

  • Subtitling all kinds of visual material

  • Last minute projects with very short deadlines