During the last years of the economic crisis at the Translation Office «METAFRASIS» KAVALA, we are in daily contact with our customers – private and business – and we understand the challenges of the times and our customers’ need for superior quality services at a reasonable price. We are also aware of the additional possibilities offered by the Internet and encourage our customers to use this medium.

In this context, we have decided to provide a substantial discount of at least 10%  on our prices for orders placed and completed online. 

The discount of 10% on our prices for all types of projects (translation, live interpretation, text editing and correction, subtitling, etc.) is directly provided at the completion of an online order. This can be done via the form on our website   at our e-mail address or via our page on facebook The initial price will be clearly stated in every order of ours, as well as the final price of the order after the 10% discount.

For the last 11 years of continuous and successful operation of our office, we (the management, staff and associates of the Translation Office «METAFRASIS» KAVALA) are committed to quality translation services at the most friendly prices possible for our customers. This offer shows our gratitude for your continued and longstanding trust and appreciation.

 Thank you very much!

  • At METAFRASIS TRANSLATION OFFICE we make every possible effort to offer a friendly and reasonable pricing for our services, as to cover the needs of the whole range of our clientele during a financially tough period. The combination of high-quality services with a friendly and reasonable pricing corresponds to what is internationally described as “value for money” – real value for our clients’ money.

The pricing of translation services is a complex process and depends on many and various factors. Our pricing is based on the volume of a translation project, as it is estimated by the wordcount (number of words) of the original text. We typically define -according to the main international standards- as a “translation page” the number of 250 words of the original text, which is also our minimum charge for every translation project. Thereafter, many and various factors may influence the final price of a translation project, such as the rarity of the language pair, the specialized terminology of a document (e.g. medical, technical, legal), the completion deadline, the special formatting requirements (e.g. complex tables, diagrams etc.). It should be also noted that our retail pricing for short, one-time projects is totally different in comparison to multi-page projects, great volumes of collected documents or long-standing and permanent cooperation. As a result, our Translation Office offers significant discounts to our clients with a great volume of work or with a long-standing, peramanent cooperation, which may reach in some cases, half of the initial, retail price. Similar principles apply to the pricing of text editing, proofreading, translation and localization of websites and software.

On the other hand, live interpreting and subtitling services are conditioned by a totally different way of pricing. The most essential factor in evaluating such services is the time required for their completion, estimated in work-hours. It is quite evident that the details of such an evaluation are impossible to be described within the limits of a short presentation.

Additional charges are applied for legal notarization of a document or of its tranlation. In these cases, a plausible legal fee should be anticipated, as well as the additional cost of legal stamps. The cases in which a notarization is required are few and specific, are described by the Law and are usually related to public documents and transactions with public services (e.g. naturalization process, visas and residence perimits, court documents, equivalence of foreign degrees, participation in public appointments processes etc.). Our Translation Office will inform and guide our clients directly and responsibly, whether there is a need for legal notarization or not.

All the above is just a general outline of the pricing process for the various services offered by METAFRASIS Translation Office. Please send your translation project or just contact us to our e-mail address as to get an exact, specific and personalized estimation for your own, personal case. We are commited to reply as soon as possible, within the same working day or withing the next working day in case you contact us during a public holiday. Moreover, we are commited to observe strict confidentiality regarding your texts or documents.

We will be glad to respond all of your questions and offer any possible clarification. Our basic aim is to cover the whole range of our clientele, adapting our services and pricing to their personal or corporate needs and budget.